Introducing the Flute to an Autoharp at our gathering in Joseph Oregon 07/07/07. What beautiful music these instruments make together.....Awesome!

I contacted Roger and asked him to make an A minor native style flute as a tribute to my dog Sienna (Sisi). Using pictures that I sent to him to learn a little about Sienna, Roger created a flute for me that literally blew me away! The attention to detail and artistry are stellar, and he also made a customized stand for this flute that is just as amazing as the flute itself. I will always treasure this and it will truly be a family heirloom. Thank you Roger, and God Bless. 

Gregory DeGruy

New Orleans



" The (g) flute is making its rounds, especially when I remark that I have one of the original tree-branch flutes.  After the story, the instrument gains in stature "

R. C. Nakai


I hasten to inform you that the parcel arrived! The flute is
gorgeous! :) A photo couldn`t transmit full impression of Its beautiness, perfection of Its lines and parts!

Now about sound - this time I`ve got first real concert flute! It has an easy, clearly and flawless sound with every note, including notes of extended range!

It has an exellent timbre and easy soundmaking! I played for a long time with great pleasure, and I just couldn`t stop playing! You are a great master, artist and excellent professional!

You have achieved a flawless sound and magnificent design with traditional Indian style!

I don`t have enough words to describe my overflowng emotions!


( Moscow Russia )




"As a recording artist and long time flute player tuning and sound quality are most important to me. When I had the privilege of playing one of Rogers flutes I was taken by the clarity of the flute. It was clean and bright with an outstanding voice. The look of the flute was a bonus and each time I remove it from my flute case it always causes such a positive reaction from those present. Of course Roger being the amazing artist he is you would expect his flutes to be awesome and they are.   Not only are they very eye pleasing the voice of the flute from the inside is just as meticulously done as the beauty of the flute on the outside. Rogerís customer service in impeccable and you get a world class flute from a world class artist and gentleman.
The Shamanís Messenger flutes are the things dreams are made of. "


( Louisiana )



Mary Youngblood 2003 Grammy Award winner for best Native Flute


   " A special Thank You to Roger, who made me a
BEAUTIFUL "G" flute. What a fine and
gentle artist this man is! The flute is all white with the "bird" being
a beautiful flower pedal. It's almost Georgia O'Keefish... very sensual
and so carefully carved. The top and bottom have been smoothed out and
flattened somewhat, which makes it easy to half-note it. So I've been
playing one of the classical pieces- Search For Warmth on it! Thank you
Roger and it was a pleasure meeting you!! "




The owner of this " Shaman Messenger " flute surprised me with this photo of Robert Mirabal performing with it. 

Thank You! Casey and Robert




Canadian friend David Bouchard sharing his Wind Dancer flute with his friend Bansuri on a recent trip to India

Thanks David.........

( Canada )


The beauty and soulful sincerity of this amazing instrument is only surpassed by the incredible artist who created it. Roger McGee possesses a genuine infectious joy and excitement which radiates only from those individuals fortunate enough to be pursuing their truest calling. This joy and passion is reflected in the unique styles, as well as in the voice of every single flute that he crafts. When I was presented with the flute he created for me, I truly felt like I was looking at an extension of myself, and when I heard it's voice, it resonated in the deepest part of my being. This flute is truly a means to express the purest intentions and reflections of the human heart and spirit, and playing it is a true experience in every sense of the word. From the aroma of hand-worked cedar, to the dance my heart exuberantly leaps to as the flute's voice flows forth from even the softest breath, every note is a prayer accented by invisible tears of joy which flow like rain from my eyes every time I play. No matter where life takes me, knowing I will have this tangible piece of home with me always, fills my heart with a priceless depth of peace and contentment. Thank you so much for everything, Roger, may God continue to bless your life as He has mine though you! 

Erin B.    

( Oregon )




" I have played a lot of flutes over the years and own 15 or more from some of the best makers in the country.  I thought I owned some of the best until I bought one of Roger's Wind Dancer Flutes.  Not only is it the most beautiful flute I own, it is by far the best playing and sounding flute .  I currently have number two on order and plan to get many more of Roger's flutes in the future "


( Idaho )


Roger...the experience of meeting my new flute was like being re-united with a distant part of myself...the first touch a memory...the first breath an ancestral call...the second breath a song...

from my heart I thank you for crafting such an exquisite primal beauty!

Thunderbird has found it's way home


( Nova Scotia )



Roger made me a beautiful flute, what excellent sound it has, so
rich! It will bring me many years of joy playing it, thank you Roger!!!!, take care my friend....

Jim Poitras

( Stuttgart Germany )



Just unwrapped my " Hunter of Songs " flute- - - - Both my wife and I are pleased beyond words. You are a true artist and flute maker.  Just holding it takes me back to the dawn of this instrument.  It is the best sounding flute in my collection and will be placed in an honorable place.

The Spirit of Art is truly in you.

Gil & Jessie




This flute, it's amazing!!! Don't think I know enough good vibrating words in your language to describe :) But it's more than I even could dream of. I find it perfect for me. The voice is so warm and gentle and I'm looking forward to
play and to know it. I feel much love from it also...thank you!!!


( Norway )


Hi Roger, just wanted to say my flute arrived safely. All I can say is the flute is just breathtaking, the most beautiful flute I have ever seen and it's voice is also just wonderful. I have many flutes in my collection which I enjoy playing so very much but I must say my new flute is my most favorite one.

They really are one of a kind and I'm so very happy to have one of your creations.

I am so very glad I came across your website as then I wouldn't have found the flute of my dreams.

Thanks for being such a talented flute maker and I know those who now own one of your flutes feel the same way I do.



Roger:  Thank you for creating the wonderful Thumper flute. It not only is a fabulous work of art but it is a superb musical instrument. It does have a fantastic sweet sound and makes me feel that I transformed from an amateur to a professional flute player overnight! [Okay, maybe not everyone would agree, but I'm very happy and that's what counts]. The rabbit fetish looks almost exactly like my little Netherland dwarf bunny, Amadeus. He certainly enjoys hearing the flute, and really relaxes when I play. Your talents are greatly appreciated by me and the bunnies...... Ruth


Roger I got my alligator flute today, and it's the most beautiful flute I have ever seen. It is awesome. Every detail means so much to me and is so personal. The sound is superb and right on target. Very expressive and soulful. This is a genuine high quality flute. I can play this anywhere, at home and in concert. Thank you so much for such a beautiful instrument! I will always cherish it, God Bless!        

Lydia Wind dancer, Journey of a Soul

Hi Roger, You have just made a total fan out of me.  Not only is the flute one of the most beautiful pieces of art work I have, but the tone is amazing. My husband who had not seen it yet, heard me playing a piece I play a lot; he said, "You are really getting better at that."  The flute made the sound jump a Quantum leap -- I sure wasn't doing anything much differently.  The flutes voice is just awesome.
  Many many thanks.         

Peace, Eleanor

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